Never Ending Time, by Elena Wenman

In the first of a series of guest poems, teenage poet, Elena Wenman, writes a wonderful sonnet for Book of Pye, discussing her feelings during lockdown, distraction, the power of technology, and what she’s missing most.

Never Ending Time

Lockdown is ever so painful, make it end!
There’s technology, so many apps to try
great what will happen next, this might extend.
Yay a jigsaw that’s my next thing to buy.

I miss my family, I miss my friends,
Can’t we go back in time, treasure our time.
All this time I spend, all this time I spend,
The Xbox playing Minecraft all lunchtime.

Oh, technology what a life saver
Online school assignment to assignment
Day by day I am becoming braver.
All my clothes folded in alignment.

Is this all fake, is this all pretend?
What is this, will this nightmare ever end?