Replaceable Divine


This is a collection of poems about prayer, or more accurately, the absence of it.

Have you ever stared at your phone, waiting for something profound to leap out at you? Have you ever wondered at the lack of spiritual guidance we take for granted, in many cases choose? Have you ever wondered what stands in for our metaphysical needs in today’s world of consumption and consumerism?

Spectres of incomplete questions about belief, loss, beauty, devotion, and politics, stalk through these poems. Here you are encouraged to think about, speculate upon, the question of whether the divine is replaceable?

Buy Replaceable Divine in paperback or on kindle, here.


Burn The Word


Burn The Word is a collection of poems and short stories, about the power of truth, what happens to the world when it is subverted, and how we must defend it.

Burn The Word travels between the field and the city street, from moon light to neon light, from soil to grit. Equal parts dystopian fiction, lyrical prayer, and ode to honesty and hope, Burn The Word definitely has words in it.

Buy Burn The Word in paperback, here. Do it now. 


The Place I’ve Never Been


The Places I’ve Never Been  is my self-published chapbook collection of poems about the hopes of opportunities to come, and battles with fear in the face of experiences missed. You will find poems about the the foibles, idiosyncrasies and challenges life presents us with, love letters to the downright ridiculous and hilariously beautiful, and odes to the sad peculiarity, of life.

You can buy The Places I’ve Never Been here in paperback or kindle ebook.



Deus ex machina

Deus ex machina: god from the machine

Deus ex machina is a self-published chapbook collection of political poetry exploring the very broad canvas of ‘today’ in the UK: Our politics, our media, our elites and even our hopes are explored, although often even they may not hold answers or solutions. This collection attempts to engage with a few of the magnificently kind, caring, yet angry people that remain in our society and who want change. It is for people who baulk at our society’s rampant inequality and long for change. It is for those who think we can do more and do it better. Hopefully this collection can be half a brush stroke towards a better future.

With artwork by renowned classical artist Thomas Dowdeswell and design by former National Geographic Traveller designer Gavin Brightman, the electronic versions of this collaborative effort were initially released to coincide with the countdown to the UK General Election on May 7th, an epoch defining moment in the history of UK society, culture and politics. The collection is now being re-released and arguably the need for open and honest conversation is ever more pressing as the ideological deepening of inequality under the guise of ‘austerity’ continues unhindered.

Deus ex machina is available to buy here on Amazon Kindle for £0.99.

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