Deus ex machina: Forged and formed


in the inferno
of wars,
beneath collapsing homes
hidden in deep tunnels
and makeshift shelters. 

a mentality
where equality dreamed
itself into existence
and oaths were sworn
if the fire from the sky ever ceased.

ahead of the rest
to find the brighter day
to sweep away
the deep dark clouds
of the darkest nights.

consensual, respectful alliances
delaying delight and pleasure
to a world in desperate need of leisure
and to grow, to sustain
ancestors with no pain.

Formed and forged, then
In the iniquity of battle;
and an epoch defining

Deus ex machina is available to buy here on Amazon Kindle for £0.99, or here in multitude of formats on Smashwords and, in the spirit of this new social literary experience and community collaboration, you can determine how much you would like to pay. A proportion of all profit will be donated to charity

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