Deus ex machina: god from the machine

Deus ex machina: god from the machine


Deus ex machina is a collection of political poetry exploring the very broad canvas of ‘today’ in the UK: Our politics, our media, our elites and even our hopes are explored, although often even they may not hold answers or solutions. This collection attempts to hold the attention and engage with a few of the magnificently kind, caring, yet angry people that still remain in our society and who want change. It is for people who baulk at our society’s rampant inequality and long for change. It is for those who think we can do more and do it better. Hopefully it can be half a brush stroke towards a better future.

With artwork by renowned classical artist Thomas Dowdeswell and design by former National Geographic Traveller designer Gavin Brightman, the electronic versions of this collaborative effort have been released to coincide with the countdown to the UK General Election on May 7th, a potentially epoch defining moment in the history of UK society, culture and politics.

You can buy it here on Amazon Kindle at the extraordinary price of £0.99. Alternatively, you can purchase it here in a multitude of formats on Smashwords and in the spirit of this new social literary experience, community collaboration and bloody good value, you can determine how much you want to pay.

A proportion of any profit gained will be donated to the Trussell Trust, who do so much to aid those most grossly hit by the inequality of our age and another proportion will be donated to the Green Party to invest in a future politics that works for the common good.

Check in again in the future for further updates and future editions, hopefully encompassing hard copy versions, new pay-what-you-want approaches and other innovations, or sign up for updates in the box above.

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