Poem: 26

The 26, to Hackney Wick

Sorry, is this seat taken?
Do you mind if I open.
The next bus stop.
Hurrff. A-a-hurrff.
No no, please.
Window, thanks.
Is closed. 
Well, my cousin lives in Belgium.
Tt. Sorry, excuse me.
Do you like my earrings?
No, no. Yep. No, that’s fine.
He has such wonderful taste.
I got promoted last week.
Ooh! Um.
Oh hi! I didn’t even.
My story is much too sad to be told.
I think you dropped this.
See you there.
Sorry. SORRY.
Errrha slff errha. Sorry
You’re err, sorry, you’re err.
Bless you.
Sitting on, err, my.
So sorry, I’m so.
Forgetful – what was his name?
Coat, oh that’s.
OK, bye.
Alight here for Spitalfields Market.

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