Poem: I ran back to you

I ran back to you

I ran back to you
the first time that we met.
I ran back, with my cheeks flushed
and asked you for your number.
You couldn’t see my face
flashing red in the night time,
but you smiled when you saw me
running back to you.

I run back to you
every day, as fast as I can.
I run back, just to see that smile again;
every day it changes and every day it’s no different.
You don’t always see me,
when I see you smiling,
but I always feel you smiling
as I’m running back to you.

I’ll run back to you, always
even if my legs won’t work or the roads are blocked.
I’ll keep running back to that smile
to see it for the first time, again.
Will you always wait,
blushing shyly for me,
because I’ll keep coming
running back to you.


For Jodie

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