What happened?

Am I alive? I must be; I’m thinking, therefore I must be – why can’t I feel anything? I can’t feel anything – something happened, but I can’t remember. What happened? Dust, makes it harder to breathe, and the ringing. I can hear again, but everything’s muffled. Where am I? Can’t move my head to see and the dust is in my eyes and my mouth. I was at home, I’m sure. Was this where home was? Remember, remember. What happened? I can’t move, my arms are stuck, but my fingers are moving. I think. I need to focus. Where am I? What happened?

Spit. OK, OK, you’re OK. What happened? You’re buried, and your arms are stuck. OK. What about your legs. OK, OK. Yes, you can move your leg, and your foot. Not that leg though, not that leg – that’s bad, that’s bad. OK, OK, I’m OK, you’re OK – breathe. What happened? I remember falling, I think. OK I can move my head, but it hurts. Breathe. Just breathe. And now this arm, although my hand feels sticky. OK, I’m OK. I’m alive. What happened? I can’t hear anyone else, it’s dark. The dust makes it hard to see but it’s dark as well. There is a spot of light, just over there. My arm is still stuck but I can look at the light, it doesn’t seem far away. I need to rest, I’m OK. I just need to rest for a second. OK. OK.

What happened? Where am I? My arm is stuck, yes I remember. I’m OK. How long have I been here? I’m alone. Why am I alone? I was at home, someone else should be nearby. “HELP. HELP ME, PLEASE”. My voice sounds different. Everything sounds different. I can’t tell if I shouted. Try again: “HELP ME, HELP ME PLEASE.” I can taste the dust so I’m sure that I made a noise. I need to be quiet now. What was that? Was that a voice? No, a crackle of small stones maybe. I need to listen carefully. OK, if I move my arm, I can hear stones slipping and falling away. OK, OK. I can hear stones falling away over there too. Wait. No it’s not a voice. Why can’t I hear any voices? What happened? “HELP ME, PLEASE”. Why can’t anyone hear me? My throat hurts. Spit. Spit again. I’m tired. Spit again. Tired.

I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe. “HELP ME I CAN’T BREATHE.” OK, OK, calm down, calm down. It’s OK. Falling dust, that’s all. Maybe there’s someone up there? Then why can’t I hear them. I’m so thirsty. I need to wash this grit from my mouth. Spit. I can’t spit anymore. Spit. Blow it out. “Help me. Please. Can anyone hear me?” Why is nobody there? Am I alone? I’m scared. I’m really scared. I can’t move, and I’m all alone. I’m scared. My eyes hurt. You’re OK. Come on, I’m OK. Just rest. I’m just going to rest.

I’m alone. This is it. Just me, alone. I can barely breathe. It’s the dust, and being alone. They’re the same. I can’t breathe. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die alone. I can’t breathe. I can’t see the spot of light anymore either. Where did the people go? What happened to them? I’m cold, and tired. And alone. I’m scared. I can’t stay awake. My eyes are so sore, heavy.

“WE’VE GOT ONE. ALIVE! WE’VE GOT ONE, QUICK.” “Help me, please, help me.” “You’re OK, you’re OK. Don’t move, we’ve got you, you’ll be OK. We’re here now, you’re OK. QUICK, QUICK COME ON. You’ll be OK. Squeeze my hand. That’s it, that’s good, squeeze my hand. We’re here now. Keep squeezing my hand. We’re here. QUICK.”

What happened? Where am I?

Am I alive?

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