Poem: Acceptable guilt

Guilt, by carnegriff

Is it becoming older that makes the world more unsettling,

or is the time in which we live proving a more uncomfortable setting?

Is it me understanding and seeing more shocking sides of humanity and society,

or are we social human beings becoming worse as the years go by?

Am I more sensitive or informed than you were fifty years ago,

Or are there just more weapons at play?


My distaste at the actions of power,

is hindered by my fear as a subject.

My chosen lack of knowledge of the powerful games,

renders me powerless in this life of relative ease and tranquillity.

My unease at the atrocities of my race,

Along with my lack of willing to escape from my privilege,

is a guilt I’m allowed.


photo: http://carnegriff.deviantart.com/art/Guilt-Postcard-Piece-283580821
& more amazing work: http://www.etsy.com/listing/89664225/limited-edition-winter-pack-of-4-unique

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